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Communicating Around the World – PR Edition

Monthly Archives: February 2012

A few week ago a group of my peers and I, collectively called Prelude PR (PPR), were introduced to our client Louisiana Delta Service Corps (LDSC) for our final mass communications (MC) course. The organization is a branch of largely-known AmeriCorps, but unfortunately is being overshadowed by both its parent and partner organizations.

We, PPR, met with LDSC’s directors to assess organizational needs and to get an understanding of their expectations of the campaign we plan to implement. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous walking into the meeting because it was a new venture and I didn’t know what to expect. Our main contact, Mrs. Irvine, turned out to be a wonderfully charismatic person; immediately I could tell she was excited to work with us. Knowing this helped to calm my nerves and get excited about building a relationship with her– an integral aspect of public relations.

PPR faces a huge awareness campaign in addition to revitalizing LDSC’s image and brand, which in and of itself can be thought of as the most important aspect in sustaining any company, business or organization. I’m sure it’s going to be a challenge, but nothing PPR cannot handle.


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